Android malware analysis: preparation

Android malware analysis: preparation

Installing Android on the Virtual Machine


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This is a first article from Malware Analysis series where I'm presenting how you can safely grab the malicious code and by using various techniques like decompiling and deobfuscation see what it is doing. In these series, you are going to see different approaches and solutions that are used to bypass antivirus and other threat defenses, learn how to approach payloads and hopefully recognize common patterns that are reused by malicious actors. Enjoy!


  1. Download ISO
  2. Create Virtual Machine
  3. Install Android system
  4. Network
  5. Snapshots
  6. Additional readings

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Download ISO

In this guide I'm using the Virtual Box, but you can use any other virtualization software.

Go to the official Android x86 project site - download page will list a few mirrors from which you can choose from. After navigating to the mirror site, Grab the Android ISO version you are interested in.

I'm downloading a 9.0 R2 version from Open Source Development Network.


When download finished, verify the SHA-256 hash.

See: Why MD5 and SHA-1 are considered no longer trustworthy.

See Verifying hash of the downloaded file

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Create Virtual Machine

Open Virtual Box and click New.


Choose Linux 2.6/3.x/4.x (32-bit) or Linux 2.6/3.x/4.x (64-bit).


Set 4GB RAM.


Leave the default Create a virtual hard drive now.


Leave VDI and dynamic allocation. Assign 8GB (default) size.

2021-09-18-17-13-01.png 2021-09-18-17-15-36.png

If possible save the disk file on the SSD. I've encountered significant slowliness when I initialy have it on the HDD.

Install Android system

Run the virtual machine and mount the ISO you have previously downloaded.


Click Start. Choose installation option. Select Create/Modify partitions by pressing C.


Decline GUID Partition Table usage.


Create a new primary partition from the entire free space. 2021-09-18-17-59-15.png 2021-09-18-18-00-15.png

Mark it as a bootable and Write. Type yes confirming choices and wait until process is completed.


Quit - you will be back at partition selection screen.


Select the newly created partition.


Format it using ext4 and confirm selection. 2021-09-19-00-48-04.png

Install GRUB.


Make /system directory read/write. 2021-09-19-01-37-47.png

After installation is completed, it doesn't matter what you will choose because GRUB will appear either way.

2021-09-19-02-42-35.png 2021-09-19-08-10-05.png

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Common issue: no GUI

When booting for the first time, you could have two issues

  • system is not booting at all
  • Android is booting to shell


Solution for this is setting graphics controller to VBoxVGA (Settings -> Display -> Screen) and disable 3D acceleration. 2021-09-19-08-40-54.png

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By default, Virtual Box configures NAT, so you don't have to do any additional configuration. Upon entering the system, you will be allowed to select Wi-Fi Connection called VirtWifi. After connection is established, you are ready to go.



Turn off the system and create a snapshot of the fresh state of the virtual machine. Do the same before any malicious software testing.


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Additional readings

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