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CyberEthical.Me: Hacking for the Security Awareness

CyberEthical.Me: Hacking for the Security Awareness

The Road So Far

The Road So Far

Here is my testimonial of achievements, machine owns and social media presence, since April 2021.

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Kamil Gierach-Pacanek

Published on Jun 11, 2021

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  1. Current Goal
  2. Achievements
  3. Social Presence
  4. Learning

⭐ Current Goal ⭐

🎯 First Accepted Bug Bounty Submission by May 2022 🎯

πŸ† Achievements

Events I was participated and other worthy mentions.

Cyber Apocalypse 2021 from HackTheBox CTF


Community Content of the May 2021 from HackTheBox


Datadog x HackTheBox at RSA CTF


1 year VIP+ HTB Giveaway Win


Hashnode TOP100 Most Viewed Blog

SecuRing CTF: RΓ³ΕΌdΕΌka Chaosu (Wand of Chaos)



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🍻 Social Presence

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πŸŽ“ Learning

All my pwns, write-ups and completed modules.

Online Courses



πŸ‘‰ Public Profile

  • Starting Point: Archetype (2021/04/19)
  • Starting Point: Oopsie (2021/05/30)
  • Starting Point: Vaccine (2021/06/01)
  • Starting Point: Shield (2021/06/03)

  • Machines: Knife (2021/06/06)

  • Machines: Love (2021/06/08)

HackTheBox: Academy

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