Netcompany Global Tech Talk - Improve Your Cybersecurity Skills

Netcompany Global Tech Talk - Improve Your Cybersecurity Skills

On 2023/02/23 I was given a chance to speak on Netcompany Global Tech Talk to share with you my knowledge and experience. I have:

  • discussed my take on cybersecurity as a passion that works well together with my job as a developer;

  • presented some of the tools and approaches that can be introduced in a daily work to help elevate the software security to the next level;

  • done a live SQL Injection example, taken from one of my previous projects.


Prevent user breaches and potential information disclosure by stepping up your cybersecurity game!

The availability of hacking tools and automation scripts significantly lowers the entry barrier for malicious actors to make their presence on the threat scene. And as a result, the market puts more pressure on developers to create solutions with at least basic knowledge of red teaming.

During this tech talk, you will gain a fundamental understanding of cybersecurity and how to improve your software’s quality before handing it to clients.

Organizer: Netcompany

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